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Year 2021, Volume: 7 Issue: 19, 355 - 363, 07.05.2021


At the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century, processes of globalization led to significant changes in law and its sources. New sources of law - constitutions and international treaties, have an increasingly important role in law. The relative weight of the right created at the supranational level is growing. International law integrates into national legal systems and takes precedence over national law.
At the same time, written law is "cloned" into the digital space, creating the ultimate accessibility from anywhere in the globe. It can be assumed that in the future the digitization of the sources of law will lead to a significant reduction of their national and cultural specificities and limitations.

The original article was published on 31 August 2018. 


  • Hristov, Neno. (2018a). Military Education as Possibility in Bulgaria. IJAEDU- International E-Journal of Advances in Education, Vol. IV, Issue 10, April 2018, pp.61-67.
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Primary Language English
Journal Section Makaleler

Venelin Terziev

Marin Petkov

Dragomir Krastev

Publication Date May 7, 2021
Submission Date February 10, 2021
Published in Issue Year 2021Volume: 7 Issue: 19


EndNote Terziev V, Petkov M, Krastev D (May 1, 2021) CORRECTION: THE "SOURCE OF LAW" CATEGORY. IJASOS- International E-journal of Advances in Social Sciences 7 19 355–363.



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