Year 2017, Volume 3 , Issue 9, Pages 1075 - 1081 2017-12-27


Mahmoud Ali Mahmoud Radwan [1]

Childhood is considered to be one of the most important and most effective stages of growth during the human life. Some children suffer from problems and face difficulties as a result to various social and economic changes. The study observes problems facing families and communities highlighting child abuse as a key phenomenon. The study sheds light on a number of abuse forms like that of physical and verbal abuse and the ignoring technique applied by some parents. Aiming to determine the causes behind such abuse and the factors behind the problem at hand, and shedding light on the general practice of social work in dealing with it. The researcher uses the descriptive analytical method throughout the study and concludes that parental abuse may have various effects on children such as; psychological, social, educational, and health problems.
abuse, social work, general practice
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Author: Mahmoud Ali Mahmoud Radwan
Country: Qatar


Publication Date : December 27, 2017

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Mahmoud Ali Mahmoud Radwan [1]