Year 2017, Volume 3 , Issue 9, Pages 909 - 912 2017-12-27


Venelin TERZİEV [1] , Nikolay NİCHEV [2] , Evgeniy STOYANOV [3] , Marin GEORGİEV [4]

This article addresses the processes in the state related to regulation, organization and control, which essentially form the object of administrative control. The purpose of this analysis is to reveal the growing problems and their sources. As the executive authority is distinguished among them, the local self-government, the prosecutor's office, and the justice system have a specific character because each designated source acquires the features of an object in the control systems appropriately separated from the state. The idea of ​​the expose is to present another point of view, revealing some features of the objects in question, so that the system of general and administrative control can look for solutions to the weaknesses identified in the functioning of the specific systems in particular and, more generally, in its work by extending the scope of powers delegated by it or exercised by itself.

state, control, power, justice, prosecution
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Author: Venelin TERZİEV
Country: Bulgaria

Author: Nikolay NİCHEV
Country: Bulgaria

Author: Evgeniy STOYANOV
Country: Bulgaria

Author: Marin GEORGİEV
Country: Bulgaria


Publication Date : December 27, 2017

EndNote %0 International E-Journal of Advances in Social Sciences KEY ASPECTSOF THE PROBLEMS OF ADMINISTRATIVE CONTROL IN BULGARIA %A Venelin Terziev , Nikolay Nichev , Evgeniy Stoyanov , Marin Georgiev %T KEY ASPECTSOF THE PROBLEMS OF ADMINISTRATIVE CONTROL IN BULGARIA %D 2017 %J IJASOS- International E-journal of Advances in Social Sciences %P 2411-183X-2411-183X %V 3 %N 9 %R doi: 10.18769/ijasos.367294 %U 10.18769/ijasos.367294