Year 2017, Volume 3 , Issue 9, Pages 781 - 788 2017-12-27


Nur ASİA T. [1]

Every culture and nation has a wisdom and special identity. Indonesia has many ethnics which is spreaded from Sabang to Merauke. One of the biggest ethnics is Bugis-Makassar located in South Sulawesi province. Culture of Marriage on this ethnic is different with other ethnic. Before marriage, there are many traditions that should be involved. One of them is Uang Pana’i where two family, both brides and grooms’ family, set the amount of money that the groom family should give to the bride family as "uang panai' ".in this time, the function of the tradition have changed as shape of one's wealth to show their status in society. Researcher tried to reveal a shift in this tradition. Researcher used discourse analysis to reveal it. The Object used in this research is a film entitle " Uang Panai' " Mahar (L). The meaning of Mahar is dowry and the meaning of mahal is expensive. Actually "Uang Panai' " is not like Mahar. There is different between them, but generally people do not know about that. In this film we know how about " Uang Panai' " have influence in society and impact to their life. There are some things that explain that Uang Panai is used as a tool to show a person's prestige to show that they are more deserving of higher honors than others. The higher the level of education, degree, and social status then the money given as " Uang panai' " must also be greater. This is part of the unwritten rule. A consideration is needed to minimize the consequences of the high "Uang Panai'" desired by the bride family.

Cultural Identity, culture of marriage, discourse analysis
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Author: Nur ASİA T. (Primary Author)
Country: Indonesia


Publication Date : December 27, 2017

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