Year 2016, Volume 2 , Issue 6, Pages 720 - 727 2016-12-18


Saumya Suresh Vasudev [1] , Shailaja Shastri [2]

The present study aimed to examine the efficacy Reiki on Perceived Stress among software professionals. The effect of Hands on reiki, Distance reiki and Distance reiki placebo was investigated in this study.120 software professionals from a software firm situated at Bangalore who met the inclusion exclusion criteria were taken up for the study. Sample was divided into four groups, hands on reiki group, distance reiki group, distance reiki placebo group and one control group (30 participants in each group). Hands on reiki and distance reiki healing were done for participants in the respective experimental groups for 5 minutes daily over 21 days. Distance reiki placebo group was not given any healing; the participants were just assured to be healed. Pre and post assessment was done for all three experimental groups. The control group was not given any intervention program however; the control group was assessed at two time intervals- pre and post assessment. The obtained data was analysed using descriptive statistics, ANOVA and paired t-test to assess statistically significant difference within the group and between the groups before and after assessment. The results of the study reveal that there is significant reduction in perceived stress for the hands on reiki group and the distance reiki group. There was no significant change in the perceived stress levels of the distance reiki placebo group and the control group from pre to post assessment. 

Perceived Stress, Reiki, Hands on Reiki, Distance Reiki and Distance Reiki Placebo, Software Professionals
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Author: Saumya Suresh Vasudev
Country: India

Author: Shailaja Shastri
Country: India


Publication Date : December 18, 2016

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Saumya Suresh Vasudev [1]
Shailaja Shastri [2]