Year 2016, Volume 2 , Issue 6, Pages 711 - 715 2016-12-18


Stefanos Koffas [1] , Eleni Tsolaki [2]

The current research endeavours to identify the knowledge of students of Social Work about AIDS in relation to how it influences their lives on issues of social prevention. It is specifically focused on matters of behaviour and attitudes towards health protection (sexually transmitted diseases); it explores practices that the students, with their special education, use to identify the risks they are exposed to in order to take precautions and consequently to prevent serious situations that may lead to insurmountable problems decisive for society. The method used for data collection was structured questionnaires. The investigation results are presented with the formulation of specific research hypotheses/questions, which were examined by using the method of qualitative data analysis. Taking into consideration that the total sample consisted of a small number of men and a large number of women, who then reported to have sexual relations, as well as society’s tendency that encourages men to brag about their sexual conquests while almost stigmatizing women, overestimation for males and underestimation for females cannot be excluded. The conclusion of the research’s results shows that young adult students seem quite knowledgeable about their sexuality, protection measures and the risks at hand. At the same time though there are several deficiencies related to the source and transmission of correct knowledge which need to be covered. Additionally, it emphasises the prevalent mentality in conjunction with the influence that the family has in Cyprus, since parents function as powerful role models for their children. 

AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Knowledge, Attitudes, Health Protection
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Author: Stefanos Koffas
Country: Cyprus

Author: Eleni Tsolaki
Country: Cyprus


Publication Date : December 18, 2016

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