Year 2016, Volume 2 , Issue 6, Pages 685 - 690 2016-12-18


Mohamed Akhiruddin Ibrahim [1]

Ulum al-Quran is one of the courses offered to high school students, especially for those in Islamic studies program. This course is offered to students studying in the program because it contains the basic knowledge about the Quran which is the main reference for the Muslims as a guide to life. The topics covered in this course typically contains an introduction and the meaning of Ulum al-Quran, its history and development, the revelation of Quran which also includes the first and last verses, the reasons behind the revelation of the verses, the revelation of Quran with 7 letters, makkiy and madaniy verses, compilation of the Quran, the organization of verses and chapters in the Quran and the writing of the Quran and qira'at (art of recitation of the Quran). In addition, this course also usually includes discussions of interpretation sciences and methods used by certain scholars, translation of the Quran, the abolition of certain verses in the Quran and discussions on mutashabihat verses. The main objective of this study is to see a comparison of the course from general aspects, its course outline and the books or modules used. In Malaysia, there are several higher learning institutions that offer Islamic Studies programs such as shariah, theology (usuluddin), Islamic civilization, Islamic faith (akidah), studies of the Quran, Sunnah studies and other similar programs. Therefore, this study focuses only on public universities that offer programs that include Ulum al-Quran course. Institutions involved in offering such a course and involved in this study include University of Malaya, National University of Malaysia, International Islamic University Malaysia and Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia. This study was carried out by observation of the course outlines provided by each institution, hence the researchers made a comparison of all the institutions involved in this study.

Ulum al-Quran, higher education institutions, Malaysia, Islam, university
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Author: Mohamed Akhiruddin Ibrahim
Country: Malaysia


Publication Date : December 18, 2016

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