Year 2016, Volume 2 , Issue 6, Pages 659 - 667 2016-12-18


Shila SHEEDFAR [1] , Navid KHALESİ [2]

There are many differences In the Arts in delivering their message by their   particular language. However, at any time, such as the recent times, the arts are not so close together, the Period which is characterized by abstraction and fading the boundary between arts is its special characteristic. Alireza Mashayekhi As an influential musician, by creativity and change the look of the classical music of the 18th century could be established the modern music in Iran.

This study has attempted to investigate the A. Mashayekhi's painting as the artist with the art of painting and music trends, analyze his works, and review the influences of his music on his paintings. The main purpose of this research is extraction, analysis of qualitative and quantitative indicators of paintings and musical works of A. Mashayekhi and comparative study in some of his paintings and music. There is direct relationship between the painting's detachment and abstraction, with his music form, and there are common aspects in his paintings and his music, that is   ideas of modernism, are the hypothesis of this study. The method is Comparative Study, through library studies, fieldwork and analysis, and inferences and conclusions are based on cross-sectional method.

Aalireza Mashayekhi, Musical elements, Paintings on canvas of Alireza mashayekhi
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Author: Shila SHEEDFAR
Country: Iran

Author: Navid KHALESİ
Country: Iran


Publication Date : December 18, 2016

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