Year 2016, Volume 2 , Issue 6, Pages 620 - 630 2016-12-18


Fabíola F. BRİTO [1] , Flávio De São Pedro FİLHO [2] , İrene Y. T. SAKUNO [3] , Carolina Y. V. WATANABE [4] , Maria B. A. C. TOURİNHO [5] , Sâmia L. M. BENEVİDES [6]

This paper focuses on studying for innovation to the strategic alliances in agribusiness in a wholesale market in the city of Porto Velho, Rondônia. It is supported by the Systems Theory in which Nolasco et al. (2014) introduced the idea of a set of elements interconnected to form a global whole in which a system emerges with specific characteristics and properties that cannot be found in isolation. The specific objectives of the paper were to: (1) consider the main components of the strategic alliances focused on wholesaler agribusiness in Porto Velho; (2) analyze the functional scenario of the fundamental alliance of the agribusiness under study and (3) propose pro-innovation measures as a competitive strategy in this agribusiness. It uses the 5W2H tool (Viana et al, 2013), which serves as an action plan, in that it pre-supposes the action of means and activities, so a target will only be achieved if a good plan of action precedes it. In addition, it uses the Ishikawa Diagram, also known as a cause-effect diagram (Sasdelli 2012), which identifies the causes of the  problem central to the paper and it also uses SWOT analysis, a structural administration tool, to analyse the internal and external environment in order to formulate strategies for the weaknesses of an organization (Neto 2011). The procedure adopted is documentary research, in which Schwartz et al. (2014), recommends, consults and presents files in several typologies. The results are shown in tables, figures and graphs for the sake of clarity. This research found that the owner of an enterprise was unaware of the concept of a strategic alliance of the benefits that these alliances could bring to an enterprise regarding its financing and varied facilities, contributing much to reduce the costs for the enterprise. Regarding the subject of the interview, it was proposed many competitive advantages that the wholesaler in the study could gain thereby.

Amazon, Agribusiness, Strategic alliances, Innovation
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Author: Fabíola F. BRİTO
Country: Brazil

Author: Flávio De São Pedro FİLHO
Country: Brazil

Author: İrene Y. T. SAKUNO
Country: Brazil

Author: Carolina Y. V. WATANABE
Country: Brazil

Author: Maria B. A. C. TOURİNHO
Country: Brazil

Author: Sâmia L. M. BENEVİDES
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Publication Date : December 18, 2016

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Authors of the Article
Fabíola F. BRİTO [1]
Flávio De São Pedro FİLHO [2]
İrene Y. T. SAKUNO [3]
Carolina Y. V. WATANABE [4]
Maria B. A. C. TOURİNHO [5]
Sâmia L. M. BENEVİDES [6]