Year 2018, Volume 4 , Issue 11, Pages 415 - 423 2018-08-31



In the modern world of today, mass media has been a major tool of communicating viable information to the public, which has been instrumental in affecting their perceptions attitudes and the way of viewing things within their immediate surroundings. With the increased technological advancement and innovation, mass media has been revolutionary with the concept of social media taking a fore step in replacing the traditional Media, in particular with the Millennials. The purpose of this study is aimed at analyzing the impact of television advertising on the image and perception of youths in UAE. This however will be achieved by analyzing the following objectives: 1) To provide an overview on the effects of television advertisements on the image and perception of youths in UAE; 2) To understand the socio-cultural positioning of television advertisements in UAE, and how it has enhanced unhealthy lifestyles; 3) To analyze the psychological effects of modern technology and innovation towards television advertising on the youths in UAE. The methodology I used is the survey. This study is important since it tries to highlight the values and customs of UAE as a country, and how modern media of western cultures has affected the growth and development of youthful population in the country. It should however be understood that, despite the media effects of western cultures having entrenched into the cultural fabric of the UAE culture, it is the role of various entities within the country to ensure that they regulate the effects of such media and westernized content from affecting the perception and image of their youthful population.

Media Effects, Body Image, UAE
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Author: Viola GJYLBEGAJ
Country: United Arab Emirates


Publication Date : August 31, 2018

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