Year 2017, Volume 3 , Issue 7, Pages 268 - 275 2017-04-30


Ayis Mukholik [1]

In Indonesia, Al-Qur’an was been using by the majority of people as religious scripture. Al-Qur’an recitation is becoming a tradition and will always be an important part of religious behaviour. Al-Qur’an became social activity, such as memorizing, also competing it in international level, such as calligraphy art in Al-Qur’an and the tilawah. Al-Qur’an also becomes souvenir and jewel on mosque’s wall, furniture and ornament from wood, glass, textile and any other. Research object will be Central Java as one of central of Islam’s spreading in Indonesia at 14th century. This is proven by the numbers of Pesantren (Islamic Boarding), mosque with cultural Hindu’s art and classic book which left by the ancestors or preachers. Islam was brought by Walisongo (Nine Preachers) with Sufism and cultural approach. They were using compromising model that invite people to convert to Islam by combining and mixing Islam with the teaching and cultural tradition which different or even appear opposition with Syariah/Islamic Law content. By that, rise many local expression on Islam, in this research focuses on local expression variety of Al-Qur’an. The question is, how variety of Al-Qur’an reception in Central Java, Indonesia at 21st century? Do acculturation of Javanese cultural with Islamic teaching is attached in people as religious experience and tradition? To know how the reception of Al-Qur’an in a certain people do, so there must know the local tradition and religious tradition which is still exist. Reception by mean is people approval, cultural expression on Al-Qur’an. For example, using of verse’s piece for medication and salvation. Often, clean village agenda also use verse of Al-Qur’an to expel evil spirit.  Indonesia, especially Central Java has so many religious practices which acculturate between 2 major traditions: Java and Islam. This practice is known by “the living Quran”. Majority people in Indonesia are Moslem and cannot be away from religiosity. With this research, ethnography approach and sociology can be useful to know how people act toward Islamic knowledge. Variety of practice is being a treasure of Javanese Moslem that put private culture part to Islamic Thought.

Reception, Holy Qur’an, Javanese Muslim
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Author: Ayis Mukholik
Country: Indonesia


Publication Date : April 30, 2017

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