Year 2016, Volume 2 , Issue 4, Pages 130 - 135 2016-04-22


Stefanos Koffas [1] , Tsolaki Eleni [2] , Aspridis Georgios [3] , Sdrolias Labros [4] , Nikova Donka [5]


The paper present the results of a research about the sexual life of Cypriots students. Specifically focused on  the practices who the young adults use in their sexual life, if they can recognize the risks they are exposed to, take precautions and behave rationally in order to prevent serious conditions that may lead to insurmountable problems decisive for their health. It endeavours to find out perceptions and attitudes of students on matters of health protection (sexually transmitted diseases, use of substances) as factors directly related to and influence their life on issues of health prevention and promotion. An important factor causing unwillingness to fill out the questionnaires was the very personal nature of the questions concerning the sexual behaviour of the participants, but also the large number of questions.  Taking into consideration the large difference between men and women that reported to have sexual relations, as well as society’s tendency that encourages men to brag about their sexual conquests while almost stigmatizing women, overestimation for males and underestimation for females cannot be excluded. The interpretation of the research’s results shows that young adult students seem quite knowledgeable about their sexuality, protection measures and the risks at hand.  At the same time though there are several deficiencies related to the source and transmission of correct knowledge which need to be covered.  The fact that becomes clear about the information sources highlights the importance of both the accuracy and appropriateness of targeted information by specialists, as well as, possibly, of the limited influence of the sources that young people reported to use for getting information/learning. 

Keywords: sexually transmitted diseases, behavior, knowledge, attitudes, health protection

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Author: Stefanos Koffas

Author: Tsolaki Eleni

Author: Aspridis Georgios

Author: Sdrolias Labros

Author: Nikova Donka


Publication Date : April 22, 2016

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