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Çağrı Ergezer [1]

Internet has become a platform which reached millions of users momentarily with increased use, also become a place where people spent most of their time during the day by gaining consumer and potential customer ID in addition to just being ordinary Internet users. Search engines also have earned the distinction of being the preferred reference for users in the Internet sea which draws attention with usage rate and allowing you to easily reach the sought-after content where millions of content is added. Search engines has led to the birth of "Search Engine Marketing" concept which is gaining importance by considering the users as potential customers by companies who start to spend most of their time in different platform on the Internet or use search engines to find a subject we want to know, a music we like or any video or image. In the way for businesses to reach the consumers, search engines bring a different awareness in terms of competitiveness to marketing on the internet and are considered as an effective method that is preferred in today's e-marketing activities.

Although search engines for Internet users are frequently used as preferred web pages to access any information, at the same time it helps users to reach products or services over the internet with consumer identity. That is why as search engines for businesses and brands can be used in order to increase the possibility of awareness, listed as top rankings, or in a way partitioned according to the criteria specified on the web to attract the attention of consumers, the search engine can also become an effective marketing tool by using completely natural methods without paying any fees to ad units.

Especially in recent years search engine optimization which gained great importance and search engine marketing concepts have become concepts that should be examined in the framework of the marketing. That is why in this study the concept search engine optimization which is often preferred in e-marketing strategies was examined in detail in terms of businesses and brands, accordingly search engine marketing concept examined in theory in advertising and communication aspects and discussed in detail in terms of marketing factors.

Keywords: Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, SEO, SEM, Search Engine Optimization, E-Marketing
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Publication Date : April 22, 2016

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