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Year 2022, Volume 8, Issue 23, 456 - 467, 04.09.2022


With the COVID 19 pandemic, teachers face all kinds of new challenges. There have been numerous adaptations and teaching strategies implemented in the teaching system in order to continue providing effective and efficient services to learners. In the midst of a pandemic, teachers' adaptation and teaching practices is deemed necessary to assessed. The study centered towards the adaptation and teaching practices of the teachers amidst pandemic. It sought to find answers to: (a) the extent of the teachers’ adaptation on learning modalities, resources, and delivery; (b) the extent of the teaching practices of teachers when analyzed into distribution and retrieval of modules and monitoring and learning assessment; and (c) the relationship between the adaptation and practices of the teaches. Descriptive- correlational method of research was adopted and the respondents of this study were the 71 teachers of selected public elementary school. Mean and Pearson Product Moment were used in analyzing the data. It was concluded that Despite rapid changes in teaching practices, teachers adapt and acclimate to the new learning delivery of the printed modular modality implementation. In the event of a pandemic, teachers will be able to motivate students. Learning assessments are an important part of the educational process. Hearing other people's perspectives and feedback on the assessment results is extremely beneficial to both parents and students. Assessments benefit both students and parents because they provide motivation. Teachers can also observe and provide specific interventions based on the needs of the students.


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Subjects Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary
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Publication Date September 4, 2022
Application Date July 7, 2022
Acceptance Date August 6, 2022
Published in Issue Year 2022, Volume 8, Issue 23


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