Year 2017, Volume 3 , Issue 9, Pages 918 - 922 2017-12-27


Valentina KUDRİAVTSEVA [1] , Yulia TSİPLAKOVA [2]

Cynicism commonly is interpreted as a moral phenomenon. However this understanding of cynicism is not completed. It is necessary to analyze the tradition of cynicism as a philosophical and cultural phenomenon. The cynicism is especially popular during the periods of crisis, amid the breakdown of ideologies and religious doctrines. The tradition of cynicism is inseparable from the history of kynicism. Nowadays the phenomenon of cynicism is widely spread in the Western world. In accordance with the philosophy of Peter Sloterdijk contemporary mass consciousness in the West is characterized by universal diffusive cynicism. In the opposition to diffusive cynicism Peter Sloterdijk develops an original philosophical theory called neokynicism
Cynicism, crisis, kynicism, Enlightenment, diffusive cynicism, consciousness, reason, neokynicism
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Author: Valentina KUDRİAVTSEVA (Primary Author)
Country: Russian Federation

Author: Yulia TSİPLAKOVA
Country: Russian Federation


Publication Date : December 27, 2017

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Valentina KUDRİAVTSEVA [1]