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Anasayfaya Dön

Year 2017, Volume 3 , Issue 9, Pages 903 - 908 2017-12-27


Venelin Terziev [1] , Nikolay Nichev [2] , Evgeniy STOYANOV [3] , Marin GEORGİEV [4] , Plamen BOGDANOV [5]

The article examines the relationship between the socio-economic categories "strategy" and "small business", which are the key factors for the success of the economic system in Bulgaria. The aim of the project is to reveal and prove the prospects for improvement of the small business through the rational application of strategies. The purposeful decomposition of the goal is related to tasks revealing the evolution of the "strategy" category and finding opportunities to interact with the processes that drive small businesses. The accumulation of evidence is based on a principle basis, while the registered trends based on analyses are synthesized. On this basis, the expose is committed to substantiating the main thesis of development, which states that the application of strategies and strategic thinking in the development of the small business phenomenon is an important factor for its stable development and appropriate improvement.
strategy, model, small business
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Author: Venelin Terziev (Primary Author)
Country: Bulgaria

Author: Nikolay Nichev
Country: Bulgaria

Author: Evgeniy STOYANOV
Country: Bulgaria

Author: Marin GEORGİEV
Country: Bulgaria

Author: Plamen BOGDANOV
Country: Bulgaria


Publication Date : December 27, 2017

EndNote %0 International E-Journal of Advances in Social Sciences OPPORTUNITIES FOR STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT OF SMALL BUSINESS IN BULGARIA %A Venelin Terziev , Nikolay Nichev , Evgeniy Stoyanov , Marin Georgiev , Plamen Bogdanov %T OPPORTUNITIES FOR STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT OF SMALL BUSINESS IN BULGARIA %D 2017 %J IJASOS- International E-journal of Advances in Social Sciences %P 2411-183X-2411-183X %V 3 %N 9 %R doi: 10.18769/ijasos.367292 %U 10.18769/ijasos.367292