Yıl 2018, Cilt 4 , Sayı 10, Sayfalar 174 - 177 2018-04-30


Evgeny KİSELEV [1]

The article is devoted to an actual problem of modern museum expositions creation in regional museums. Tourism, as a new cultural phenomenon in business, reflects changes in modern Russian museums. In Russia, modern expositions of regional museums should correspond to current tourist interest in regional history and culture. Hence, creation of expositions should reveal regional specificities. It is necessary to determine perspective directions in which changes will occur. Museums play a key role in the formation of a touristic region; through museums we can see how this city has changed, what had happened in the past and where the accents of regional specifics are now. We examined and analyzed the history of museum expositions that have been taking place from late 19th century until present days in Yekaterinburg, Russia. At different periods of history, museums have been constantly addressing the regional historical and cultural component, emphasizing various aspects, surrounding everyday life in the region at different historical periods. Political life and regional specificity such as industry, production, applied arts, affected museum exhibitions to varying degrees. Nowadays, the emergence of new expositions, new museums, and new facilities increases both the flow of tourists and the interest of local people to history of their native land. Moreover, It promotes the need to train qualified guides. The museum of regional history provides a lot of opportunities to develop modern culture and form new branches of economy in the region, such as tourism. 

museum, tourism, history, culture, exhibition
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Yazar: Evgeny KİSELEV
Ülke: Russian Federation


Yayımlanma Tarihi : 30 Nisan 2018

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