Yıl 2018, Cilt 4 , Sayı 10, Sayfalar 161 - 165 2018-04-30


Qandeel ALİ [1]

The primary purpose of this research was to describe the impact of placement and displacement in student’s occupational and educational aspirations. A secondary purpose was to explore the relationship of the student’s cultural background and its impact on their career development.  The present social and economic scenarios in the third world countries have drawn the attention of world powers. These under developed countries are under huge foreign debts on one hand and have social chaos on the other hand. The short comings have given birth to extremism, fanaticism and terrorism. The educational institutions, to some extent, failed to promote coherence and national integration. The indifferent role of the state cannot be overlooked in enhancing these unwanted tendencies and the masses. The diversity in the education system and non-patronage by the state has deprived a handsome population of getting the quality education and finding appropriate career development opportunities.

The classification of the educational system and different groups such as government sector institutions, public sectors institutions, Oxford level Institutions, Cambridge level Institutions, Religious “Madras” and Maktab schools have created different groups in the society. The elimination of the extremist’s tendencies is the dire need of the hour. So to give tranquility and peace to the world nations, institutions should play their role to take bold steps towards bringing standard course contents in all educational institutes. In order to develop the quality culture in institutions through external evaluation is essential. To address these challenges there is a need for a robust quality education in institutions.

Individuals with a rural background are facing difficulty in getting an education from quality institutions and having no access to multinational companies, whereas individuals with  urban background have better placement or exposed to quality education and reputed companies for better career development. 

Social and Economic Scenarios, Quality Education System
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Yazar: Qandeel ALİ
Ülke: Pakistan


Yayımlanma Tarihi : 30 Nisan 2018

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