Yıl 2018, Cilt 4 , Sayı 10, Sayfalar 42 - 48 2018-04-30


Karagod V.S. [1] , Golubeva N.A. [2] , Erokhina E.I. [3]

The situation that arose on the Russian auditing market became the subject of analysis of this publication. Long-term monitoring of the processes of audit services that arose on the Russian market allowed the authors to determine and critically comprehend the cause-effect relationships of the existing crisis phenomena and errors in the regulation of audit activities.

The purpose of the research was to identify the features and patterns development of the Russian audit market, clarifying and systematizing the main crisis zones of regulatory legal regulation of audit activities in Russia.

Results: The authors presented detailed analysis of the development and the state of the Russian audit market, the main factors under which it developed and its main problems.

auditor activity, the market of auditor services
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Yazar: Karagod V.S.
Ülke: Russian Federation

Yazar: Golubeva N.A.
Ülke: Russian Federation

Yazar: Erokhina E.I.


Yayımlanma Tarihi : 30 Nisan 2018

EndNote %0 International E-Journal of Advances in Social Sciences THE ZONES OF TURBULENCE IN THE RUSSIAN AUDIT MARKET %A Karagod V.s. , Golubeva N.a. , Erokhina E.ı. %T THE ZONES OF TURBULENCE IN THE RUSSIAN AUDIT MARKET %D 2018 %J IJASOS- International E-journal of Advances in Social Sciences %P 2411-183X-2411-183X %V 4 %N 10 %R doi: 10.18769/ijasos.415516 %U 10.18769/ijasos.415516