Yıl 2017, Cilt 3, Sayı 8, Sayfalar 436 - 442 2017-08-31


Reza Mahdi [1]

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Strategic planning for universities is a necessity. Using the strategic planning process, it is possible to develop appropriate and effective solutions and initiatives for the universities growth and development and confrontation to the external environment in national and universal dimensions. Despite the history and valuable results of strategic planning for commercial and trading organizations and business sector, the application of this planning for universities is less historic and its results has not been successful and satisfactory. In the paper, an interactive indicator-oriented 9-step model was developed for strategic planning in Iranian state universities of technology. The model is yield of the documents study, quality analysis of performed studies and content analysis of existing strategic plans documents. In this model, it is considered to the reasons for the failure in strategic planning for universities and the main differences between the commercial and university models. The model with focus on key performance indicators and interactive of past, present and future, is nine steps continuous process: Step 1: Design, installation and promotion of USP structure, Step 2: Mission review and determining and design of the KPIs, Step 3: Data gathering and study and analysis of internal status, Step 4: Data gathering and study and analysis of external status, Step 5: Design and codify the development vision and goals, Step 6: Design and codify the university development strategies, Step 7: Design the development solutions and operational actions, Step 8: Preparing the development execution plan documents, Step 9: Monitoring and evaluate programs status and progress.
Strategic Planning, University Development, Interactive Model, Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
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