Year 2015, Volume 1 , Issue 2, Pages 287 - 293 2015-08-31

Rozidateno Putri Hanida1*, Bimbi Irawan2, Syamsurizaldi3

Rozidateno Hanida [1] , Bimbi Irawan [2] , SIP Syamsurizaldi [3]

One of the positive values of the implementation the regional autonomy is local government has the authority to plan and budget for development in its area. The flexibility in preparing documents for planning and budgeting held by local government does not significantly affect the effectiveness regional development planning process. Long process of drafting the planning and budgeting document requires the synchronization of programs and activities of the various documents produced. Analysis to the documents of planning and budgeting in South Solok provide evidence that the programs and activities of development in the region are still not in sync between one policy with others, ranging from the planning document (RKPD) to the budgeting document (KUA-PPAS and APBD).Some programs and activities appear suddenly in the budget documents, while the programs and activities do not exist in the planning documents, and vice versa. Besides inconsistencies of programs and activities in the planning and budgeting documents, there are also a number of problems in these documents, such as the quality of the activities are still low and the activity target that are not measurable. The condition will be worse because of political interference which occurs during the process of drafting, both derived from the chief executive and the legislature. For the future, to make the better development planning, local government must rebuild the organizational structure, the mechanism of action, and coordination in planning agencies. Job description in the division systems of Planning Agencies is often implemented to be a rigid planning. As a result, there is fragmentation, divisions, and selfishness in divisions at planning agencies when they draft planning and budgeting documents. This condition is certainly not helpful to planning process, because however, planning and budgeting process needs integrative, comprehensive, and holistic work.

Keywords: Synchronization, Planning, Budgeting, Local government, Planning agency.

Synchronization, Planning, Budgeting, Local government, Planning agency
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Author: Rozidateno Hanida

Author: Bimbi Irawan

Author: SIP Syamsurizaldi


Publication Date : August 31, 2015

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