Year 2019, Volume 5 , Issue 15, Pages 1474 - 1482 2020-01-14


Gulnaz TOKSHYLYKOVA [1] , Tolkyn KALİBEKULY [2] , Gulmira KARİMOVA [3]

The interrelation of literature and the history of Kazakh people, we can say, go “hand in hand”. In the history of Kazakh people there are many events related to the capture of Kazakh youth in the royal army, “Goloshchekin's jute”, “Stalinist repressions”, “December events”. As a scientist and encyclopedist of the Kazakh steppe A. Margulan has mentioned that Kazakhstan has become a place where you can quickly multiply through various paths of aggression, deception, looking for a career in the periphery, wanted to adjust financial resources, and it was also a decent land. They led to the fact that on the Kazakh land “to deploy on a spacious steppe”, “to rob the Kyrgyz and bring a silk satin ribbon dress to their wives for their money.” At the same time, as last year, the government never did good for the Kazakh people. Delivery of the literature to the church through a thick historical truth is the result of an independent Kazakh literature.         The article deals with the problem of famine in the Kazakh land due to the totalitarian regime. In modern Kazakh prose, a series of works have written the realities of the tragic years in the history of the country. This topic was widely covered in the genre of the novel, a novel of an independent Kazakh literature, in poetic works. At the same time, as a monument to the memory of the victims of the famine during the years of Nubet, it complements its story. The article discusses author’s thematic, ideological, artistic views on the topic of famine. In particular, Turysbek Sauketaev’s novel “Kuzgyn toigan kys”, Nagashybek Kapalbekuly’s “Zheroshaktyn tutіnі”, Nurdaulet Akysh’s “Rakymsyz koktem” and Jh. Shashtayuly’s “Shal men zhuldyk” were taken to the research object. The article focuses on the fact that the story on the topic of famine is the future memory in the personages’s mind, recalling the past. Awakening of memory in the mind is an literal approach that is actively used by most modern Kazakh prose writers. At the same time, all the works of this subject are proved by actual examples that the difficult moment of a person is in contact with the authors’ natural phenomena. Before dwelling on the tragedy of famine which millions of Kazakhs have done in the center, it is clear that the authors describe in more detail the picture of harsh nature and turn to the method of preliminary preparation of the reader. In this way, writers were able to give the atmosphere of that era. Although the language of the authors is easy to read, all narratives are sketched in accordance with reality. Each generation has to know the history of their native people, literary works of it. If we develop a personality through the patriotic spirit of the history of indigenous nations, this will be a reflection of their consciousness and future citizen who will defend the country and the land with national and civil dignity.

modern Kazakh novel, famine problem, national tragedy, jute, famine strike, awakening of consciousness
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Country: Kazakhstan

Author: Tolkyn KALİBEKULY
Country: Kazakhstan

Author: Gulmira KARİMOVA
Country: Kazakhstan


Publication Date : January 14, 2020

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