Year 2019, Volume 5 , Issue 15, Pages 1287 - 1292 2020-01-14


Mohamed Akhiruddin IBRAHİM [1]

The main thought and foundation in Islamic civilization are based from the teaching and learning within the Quran. There are many secrets and mysteries within the Quran and the only way to uncover it is by reading, understanding and researching its content. Among the miracles stated in the Quran, there are 49 times mentioned about mountain in different form of words including its function. Therefore, this study will discuss and uncover the scientific prove related to the mountain as a peg that was being mentioned in the Quran. The method of study regarding this research is qualitative research which is most of the data are collected from library and literary material that related to mountain. The Quran mentioned mountain as the nail and stake of the earth which strengthen the ground and enable life to exist. As the evidence showed in scientific research when two continents collide, stronger plates will slip beneath the other plate and creating a peg that restrict the movement of the continent to avoid shaking while the upper one folds and form the mountain plateau. Without the mountains, the lithospheric plate movements will be faster and violation will occur drastically. All this information was mentioned within the Quran as the word ‘rawasiya’ and it is served as the truth of Islam.

Mountain, Quran, stabilizer, earthquake
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Author: Mohamed Akhiruddin IBRAHİM
Country: Malaysia


Publication Date : January 14, 2020

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