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Digital Marketing is a processual and causeful, accomplishment of daily obstacles mix. It is a broad term, refers to advertising using offline and online marketing channels. As long as there are no widely available and complete educational courses of digital marketing it becomes highly demanded almost in every field in Tbilisi, Georgia. Digital marketing requires a unique set of knowledge and a person with a classical marketing degree cannot sufficiently run digital campaigns, thus organizations mainly outsource the digital marketing to agencies or do it independently and frequently with major mistakes.
Even though “Digital marketing” is a new term in Tbilisi, Georgia, still many realize its importance for business. Proper digital marketing campaigns are most vital for some business industries. One of those industries is a tourism sector, in particular the hotel business. Tourism industry is one of the successful and rapidly growing spheres in Georgia, where digital marketing channels play a huge role for finding customers. The key determinant of the hotel business success is the proper digital marketing campaign, though inaccuracy and lack of knowledge of managing digital marketing channels negatively affect the hotels' sustainable development.
Goal of the paper is to investigate, develop and define digital marketing online communication channel strategy based on the hotel industry.
Research Objectives:
• Investigate online marketing channels in the hotel industry;
• Create online marketing channels’ allocation guide;
Research Question:
• Which are the most effective online marketing channels in hotel business?
This work aims to come up with a practical digital marketing online communication channel strategy and ready to use guidelines in hotel industry.
Research Methods:
As mentioned before, the aim of this paper is to investigate, analyze and develop digital marketing online channels strategy for hotel industry. Accordingly quantitative approach was conducted during the research.
From quantitative data sources was conducted:
• Questionnaire – 70 hotels (in Tbilisi).
Digital Marketing, Digitalize, allocation guide, hotel digital marketing
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Publication Date : September 15, 2019

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