Year 2019, Volume 5 , Issue 14, Pages 890 - 899 2019-09-15


Andre T. BECHARA [1]

The architecture that settles in а place and the mark of its presence does not only impose its style and tell its time. It becomes with time а cultural mediator meaning by the signs that it carries in it that communicate ideas and images related to place and time. It is through the original, perceptive codes engendered by architecture that sociocultural messages are transmitted telling the story of the civilizations that have succeeded each other in the place through time. This study explores these dimensions. The aim is to investigate the presence of the architecture, between materiality, imagery culture, and formal ideality.

Moreover, this paper investigates existing buildings, compares and highlights their architecture materiality, culture aspects, and their existence’s impact on the environment and society. 

Architecture, presence, materiality, spatiality
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Author: Andre T. BECHARA
Country: Lebanon


Publication Date : September 15, 2019

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