Year 2019, Volume 5 , Issue 14, Pages 900 - 907 2019-09-15


İshak RAMLİ [1] , Mohamad Noorman MASREK [2] , Mumtaz MOKHTAR [3] , D’zul Haimi Md ZAİN [4] , Mohamad Rahimi OSMAN [5] , Zarlina Mohd ZAMARİ [6]

Visual art marketing strategy is a crucial aspect to be taken into consideration in order to ensure the continuous development of visual art field. It assists visual art practitioners to keep being productive in their efforts to come out with more art pieces to be sold. A few previous researches featured several marketing strategies for visual arts: nevertheless, there is no attempt to look at visual art marketing from the perspective of Islamic shariah. With uncertainties looming on visual art’s place in marketing world, the researchers recognize the need to study the concept of Islamic shariah in visual art marketing strategies. Based on this identified research gap, this study aims to produce a model that is related to the Islamic shariah concept regarding visual art marketing strategies. As a result, the discussion on the model involves several aspects namely: 1) product; 2) production process; 3) market place; 4) retailer / collectors; and 5) transactions. Recommendation for future research direction in this area is a more comprehensive study on Islamic marketing strategies in visual art.

Marketing Strategy, Visual Art, Halal Concept, Model, , Islamic Shariah
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Author: İshak RAMLİ
Country: Malaysia

Author: Mohamad Noorman MASREK
Country: Malaysia

Author: Mumtaz MOKHTAR
Country: Malaysia

Author: D’zul Haimi Md ZAİN
Country: Malaysia

Author: Mohamad Rahimi OSMAN
Country: Malaysia

Author: Zarlina Mohd ZAMARİ
Country: Malaysia


Publication Date : September 15, 2019

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